4 Factors For Network Marketing Success

06/27/2018 By wiredwebwriter

4 Factors For Network Marketing Success

There are four factors that will determine whether you have network marketing success, but the first three don’t really matter at all. It’s the fourth, or the “X factor”, that is the only things that really matters when it comes to network marketing success. The first three are your company and leadership, your products, and your compensation plan. But if your company has been is business for a couple years and there are people making money with it, then you know they are solid.

The playing field is completely level and everyone is given the same advantage for all three of those factors. It’s the fourth factor makes a difference. That factor is YOU. It’s the only reason you will have success or failure in network marketing. The ironic thing is that we hear that advice all the time… on webinars, at meetings, talking to upline. But it’s only when you actually put it into action that you will really see that it is the truth.

The first thing you need to address when you start to work on yourself and change your mindset is your WHY. If your why is not powerful enough then you will not change habits and establish a true entrepreneurial mindset. Money is not a powerful why. Either is your family or your kids or the fact you want to quit your job. A really powerful “why” goes deeper than that. What will you do with the money? Who will you help? What will you be able to do with your family or kids that drives you to succeed? How will you feel?

For your why to be powerful, it has to move you in an emotional way and give meaning to your life. The will to do something alone will fail you just like with diets and other disciplines. The power of your why will get you to stick to your goals, but it must be powerful or you will fall back to your patterns. It’s hard to change habits. And if fact, the unconscious mind doesn’t like it.

It will try to protect you by finding reasons for you to quit. So really think about WHY you are doing your business. And if you are doing it for reasons that are bigger than you and your problems, then you will have the motivation you need to change your habits, change your mindset, and eventually change your life.


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