Are Social Shares the New Link Building?

06/20/2018 By wiredwebwriter

Are Social Shares the New Link Building?

The Internet is loaded with articles on how ‘social shares’ are going to be the ‘next hot thing’ within the link building realm. However, do you actually believe that Google is going to be fooled by the many ‘+1’ votes or all those automated followers bought off Fiverr or an associated site? Here is the situation upon how social shares might influence building links and where the opportunities are for the successful promotion of your brand.

Increase Total Shares

Utilizing the social signal metric as your sign of authority possesses its limitations. It is simple to buck the system by buying followers or incentivizing social shares within a way which goes against the search engine’s advice for building links. Though, at this time, it is not clear how efficiently Google, as well as the additional search engines could separate bought shares from legit signals. But, if they cannot yet, it is likely they will have the ability to do this within the future. Due to this, it is not a great idea to go around buying a social signal. Even if it leads to a short-run improvement within rank, chances are it will be devalued during some time in future days, causing wasted money and time. It is a better idea, for this reason, to encourage social sharing of your information utilizing social plugins and a call to action, and to concentrate on naturally building momentum. To perform this, make certain your site’s blog uses tools such as ShareThis or Digg allowing users to rapidly spread articles around their favorite social network websites.

Boost Perceived Authority

A big advantage of social network websites includes the method in which they break down the communication barrier, as well as allow you easily to reach out then connect with brand new audiences who might move forward to share the links. Because of this, utilizing social networking websites to raise your perceived authority will be as valuable as trying to boost the amount of times the information is shared. Being considered an authority figure upon trending social networking sites absolutely offers a variety of different benefits. Not just will your amount of social shares rise as your overall follower count rises, the simple truth that you look to be a considered leader will be reflected within the boosted weight provided to the social signals.

Connect with the Authority Users

You already probably imagine how successful you will be merely dropping one authority user a word, as well as asking her or him to share your information without having to first build up a relationship. You can take these measures in order to boost the likelihood of getting an industry authority leader to share your information with his followers:

  • Identify an authority user – To start this process, you must identify a couple of prospective authority users in which you can connect with.
  • Slowly build up your relationships – The ideal method of attracting the authority figure’s eye will include promoting his content. You can share a post from his blog to your audience or retweet her or his Twitter content, as well as do your very best in general to build visitors to his site ahead of yours.
  • Reach out as chances to benefit both sides come up – Do not expect your selected authority leader to merely share your information unless there is a substantial value for his targeted audience, too. As with every one of the plans talked about for bettering your social media marketing results, building up relationships with authority leaders to get them to share information will take time. But, the immediate boost in visitors and increased total perceived authority likely will make the efforts within this realm well worth your invested time!


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