Fitness Business Marketing Tips For Fitness Boot Camp Owners

06/12/2018 By wiredwebwriter

Fitness Business Marketing Tips For Fitness Boot Camp Owners

Here are more USEFUL fitness business marketing tips to answer your most pressing (and random!) fitness business questions. (You can thank my coaching clients for these questions!)

Q: How do you find the best web guys?

A: In general, these are good guys, but you have to shop around until you find someone you work well with. My personal strategy has been to use two web guys who are not affiliated with one other). This way, there is always someone I can call for fast changes. I’ve been happy with both of their work, so I continue with our working relationship. BUT, I had to fire 6 or 7 other guys over the course of a couple years before I settled on these two guys. They build sites for me and make changes as needed and I simply go with the one that can get each given job done the quickest. The only thing I actually do on my own is add blog posts. They do the rest.

I tend to get agitated if they can’t get something done within a week, with the exception of designing a completely new site. That is exactly why I use two unaffiliated service guys! If one is too busy to get to it fast, the other one usually can do it right away. Your online marketing success rests on finding someone really good and FAST. The worst thing is waiting days for some minor tweak. It’s all about moving things forward quickly.

Qualities to look for in a web guy: Honesty, Reliability, Follows directions (rather than doing what they THINK you want), Meets deadlines, Corrections to problems ASAP, SEO knowledge, and Reasonably priced.

Craigslist is a good place to find web designers as well as personal referrals, but remember you have the right and obligation to let go of anyone who does not satisfy your expectations. If they don’t meet deadlines, than it’s time to leave them in the dust. Drop em’ and move on. There will be someone better.

Q: What are your personal training rates?

A: Group training is usually about 6 people per group. Price rates depend upon length of the contract. We have agreements for 1 month, 6 months, and a year. Every single person is on auto debit (EFT). Here’s the insider secret: the one-month agreement is priced WAY higher than the other agreements! Its sole purpose is to make the other options look like a real bargain. Here are price rates for each person: $59 per workout (1 month), $49 per workout (6 months), or $39 per workout (12 months). I multiply the cost per workout by the number of weekly sessions and then multiply that figure by the number of weeks per year. Finally, that number is divided by 12 months. So, a person going twice per week at $59 per workout would pay $511 per month. The yearly agreement is our preferred plan.

Q: Should title tags on my sites be more appealing so they entice viewers to check me out? For example, I would be changing this “Pomona Personal Trainer – Personal Fitness Training Pomona” to something like “Lose Weight and Tone Up with Pomona Personal Trainer.”

A: You are spot on! The best strategy here is to mix direct response with your main keyword phrases for that page. The reason mine have not been changed is because I rank # 1 and don’t want to mess with that success! In YOUR case I would work your keywords in there in an appealing manner. Make your tags work the site so you get more traffic to the site.

Q: To rank high in Google for various related terms, do I need a lot of sites?

A: You actually don’t! My personal fitness business marketing strategies only make use of one site. I use my main key phrases in the title tag for the homepage. I link to a site map from the footer of the homepage. That site map lists every individual page that is optimized for each of my city and service search terms. The URL contains my main keywords for the page, just like the title tag. These are all pages on the same site. What gets the pages to rank higher is the combo of having keywords in the title tag, within the page content, and then links pointing to the pages from other sites. Your site should have numerous optimized pages, each containing your keywords in the title tag. The content should be professionally optimized. Finally, get a bunch of links pointing right to all of those pages.


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