How To Choose Your Top 3 Marketing Strategies By Playing To Your Strengths

06/04/2018 By wiredwebwriter

How To Choose Your Top 3 Marketing Strategies By Playing To Your Strengths

Where Do Your Strengths And Passions Lie?

Inevitably everyone who is in any kind of profit making business is here to make more money so trying to think any other way in the beginning is difficult as you tend to prioritize other things above embracing that sentiment as your number one priority. Good will and empty bank accounts do not pay the bills and as Jim Rohn says profits are better than wages so you have your work cut out from day one to make sure you are spending your time and money wisely by playing to your strengths.

If you like the creative side of being online and can communicate your tips, stories, articles and benefits through pictures and words, then blogging and article marketing would be excellent ways for you to unleash your creativity in a way that you would never see as a chore. Communicating through video in the beginning can be a little hit and miss you hear all those demons in your head saying Do I really sound like that? or Why is my voice squeaky? or seriously Why do I sound like an idiot? My advice is to feel the fear and do it anyway but for goodness sake stay on topic and don’t expect as many views as Jennifer Lopez.

Be Realistic With Your Marketing Budget

I hate wasting money the same as the next person but if there was one added dimension to building your business that you should add that the vast majority never do it would be to increase your marketing budget to a realistic level. Even if it is a $100 a month for your first three months it’s more than most people and these days you can opt for effective lead generation strategies like Solo Ads and Facebook Social Ads for just a few dollars and reach a lot more people with ease.

In fact you may even gravitate towards a totally paid advertising lead generation route when you see the results for yourself. And of course if that way of building your business suits your personality the best then you may as well find out straight away and test and measure as you go. Statistically a healthy offline business marketing budget would be at least $500 a month so you can use that as a guideline to where you are headed.

Consider Carefully Where Your Target Demographic Are Hanging Out Online And Start There

There are a LOT of people randomly posting links in Facebook Groups and pages, sometimes several times a day and actually it is a great way to stand out if you put a nice helpful non salesy type of post in there among them. If you are going to be spending time and money on your business it makes so much more sense to make sure you are hitting the target area instead of outer space. Think about demographics, age groups and what they are searching for, when you find a group that loves health and fitness share some of your fitness tips and watch your conversions increase.

To recap:

  • Consider your strengths and play to those
  • Consider investing a regular monthly budget to increase lead generation
  • Consider carefully where and how you use your content for maximum conversions


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