How to Write an Effective Headline

05/24/2018 By wiredwebwriter

How to Write an Effective Headline

There are many people in the advertising world who would argue about what type of advertising is the best. Any form of advertising is good providing there is a ROI. What is most important is that it is measurable. Measurable means that there is some form of action taken by the consumers that you can actually gauge their response. Most people feel that direct response advertising is the best form of advertising.


The headline is the most important part of your advertisement because it is the first impression someone sees. Remember your first date and how you wanted to be notice. The headline of your advertisement should be treated the same way. Most people will decide what they are going to read first in a news paper or website by the headline that captures their attention. It is the first and maybe only time you can get someone interested in what you have to say.


A dynamic headline has to answer 3 important points either directly or indirectly. For example as a special today only Dr Russ will sell these $10.00 blue sunglasses to you for half off.

  1. It gives a deadline
  2. It makes an offer
  3. It allows you to track the results


Your headline should address 4 important characteristics:

  1. Who cares?
  2. Why are you bothering me?
  3. What in it for me?
  4. Why should I listen to you?


The offer of your ad should address two basic intrinsic needs:

  1. The Fear of loss (What will I lose by not responding)
  2. The delight of personal gain (What will I gain by responding)


Remember not all offers have to indicate a sale directly. Two years ago, the I phone was selling for $600.00. People stood in line for days fearing that if they did not get the I phone that day the fear was that they might have to wait for the next shipment. The deadline should address urgency to response quickly to the ad. This type of ad is very effective when it comes to certain sales.


Physiologists believe that most people are procrastinators. We will wait to the last minute to do most anything. Deadlines work well because merchants figured out that most people are procrastinators. For example Christmas shopping. When using deadlines in your ad you must use words like limited quantity. By using terms such as these, you want to give the appearance that there is a small number of items left. Also, you do not want to give the customers to long of a time to respond and give specific date on when the ad will end.


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