How to Write Web Content That Attracts Leads and Sales

10/26/2017 By wiredwebwriter

How to Write Web Content That Attracts Leads and Sales

As more businesses realize that online marketing is the key to capturing more of their share of the market in this age of digital and mobile computing, more business owners are left wondering how to write valuable and engaging web content. The goal of any site is to gain leads, sales or overall attention. If your web site content writing leaves your visitors bored, confused or just plain turned off, you are not going to complete your web site writing goals. The following tips will help you write web content that is engaging, provocative and entertaining to read – everything it takes if you hope to maximize lead generation and sales.

Web Content Creation

Effective content creation requires extensive research. The web content writer should have extensive knowledge of the industry, the motivations of the primary market, the proper lingo experts might use, and so on. Web site content writing also requires competitor research. A web marketer should always have a finger on the pulse of the market, including the primary audience (the prospects and customers) and the competition. If you always know what the competition is doing, you can remain one step ahead at all times. Do what the competition does best and make it better. That is web content creation experts do it and you should always emulate experts if you hope to succeed in the same vein.
Proper research also includes keyword research so that you can optimize your web site content writing for the search engines. If you were to contact an SEO article writing service to help craft your web pages, they would ask you for a list of the keywords you would like to target. These are the words and terms your prospects and customers might type into Google’s (or any other search engine’s) search box when searching for products and services that your company offers. With the proper research, you can target your marketing materials to show up whenever someone searches for your keyword terms. This will improve your organic search traffic and you will an increased chance to capture leads, sales or whatever goal you have set.
Once you have your keywords, you will be set to write web content that gets results.

Home Page (Index)

Your home page is likely the first page that most visitors will land on, so make it count. When you write web content, pretend that you are facing your reader across a table, speaking to him or her face-to-face. Speak to that person’s fears, apprehensions, aspirations and goals. If your company sells self-help books, let the person know that they have come to the right place, first and foremost. Make the visitor feel at home. This is the hook you will use on your home page. When you write web content, you have a very short period of time to catch your reader’s attention. Make the intro on your home page quick and to the point and you’ll find your web site content writing to be much more effective.

Bullets and Bolded Subheaders

Not only do your visitors have short attention spans, but they also have bad eyes. Just assume this. Make sure you use short paragraphs with lots of space between them and use bullet lists and bolded subheaders to break up the content or to make the content easily digestible for your readers. Their eyes will thank you, their attention spans will thank you and they will likely click whatever link you leave just to say thanks.

About Us

After landing on the home page, your visitors might click on your About Us to learn more about you. This is where you will describe your company and your ultimate mission statement. Overall, you will want to let your visitors know exactly what sets your company apart from the competition.


This is the bread and butter of your site, except the contact page, which we will discuss in a moment. When you write web content, you need to set your business apart. Be creative and really make your web site content writing shine, especially when writing about your services. Hail the benefits and what experiences your prospects can expect from using your products and services. Most of all, accompany your web site writing with high-quality photos that really bring the experience home in the eyes of all visitors.

Contact Us

Remember, the goal of all web site writing is to generate leads or sales. Your contact page should include all necessary contact information, as well as general information that may pertain, including a map to your door, your hours or operation, a text box so that the visitor can send a digital message and of course your phone number.
If you provide more options to contact you and you make it easy to do so, you will succeed at web site writing.
When you write web content, don’t be afraid to get crazy with it. Set your business apart and get the attention of your market and those prospects and customers you hope to attract. And finally, if you can’t write to save your life, you might want to consider outsourcing your web content creation.

Outsourcing Web Site Content Writing

As a business owner, you know your business like nobody else could. If you hire a web content writer to craft your web pages, you never truly know what you are going to get. This is why it is necessary to properly vet the writer you choose to ensure the person has a mastery or at least proficient knowledge of your industry, company, market and goals. Make sure the web content writer has experience in your particular field and that the person can demonstrate that they can write in such a way that gets results.
Your web site may have more pages than the above, but these basic pages, if written correctly, will attract the attention you want.


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