Marketing A New Site

06/04/2018 By wiredwebwriter

Marketing A New Site

One of the biggest reasons for a business to fail is the webmaster does not see results in terms of SERPs position or traffic for their marketing time or money spent. The reason people do not see their first few hours spend marketing is they start at the very bottom. In online business Google and the other major search engines as well as an audience in general only accept presences that have been providing quality content or a quality service for an extended period of time.

The search engines also look closely at incoming links to gain an understanding of how much authority the site in question has. So with this being said the first rule of marketing a new site is don’t even try unless you are willing to give it a year before you judge the results. If you are ready to work for a year without any payoff to get started I recommend a full spectrum of backlinks. During this “Google Sandbox” or “Catch Up Period” you will be building the links that your competition also has.

During the first steps it is also important to at least have a basic idea of which keywords you would like to rank well for. One of the most basic methods of gaining white hat backlinks is using free directory submissions. It takes under a minute to submit a site into a directory so plan on submitting to thousands. One of my favorite places to go for directory submissions isĀ  they have thousands of free and paid directory submissions. Make time each day at least a couple hours to work on backlink development in the end you will see the payoff.

Another important step for building a nice link foundation which Google uses to judge the importance of your presence is writing articles and submitting them to article directories. If you are needing a list of article directories type “List of article directories” into Google. Go for relevant, high quality sources which in turn will lead to your article becoming published over and over. This is where the power in article marketing lies the ability of an article to branch out and hit many online publications.

Directory submission and article submission are probably the two most common forms of link building and even though they are necessary you will probably not see much traffic volume or search placement from them. To truly succeed you will need to think outside the box and find the links which very few or no one has, but you. This is what will separate your site from competitors and one way to get these links is by creating content worth linking to. If you get noticed by someone important within your niche they may link to you just because you are a benefit to their audience. Those who create amazing content and do basic link building to get indexed will see good results given enough time.


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