Two Important Steps to Improve the Results of Article Marketing

07/23/2018 By wiredwebwriter

Two Important Steps to Improve the Results of Article Marketing

This article is for the beginners trying their luck in article marketing. This article is written for those writers or internet marketers who are struggling to get good results from their online marketing campaign but are miles away from their target. In this article, I will explain two important and primary steps to increase the unique visits to a site through articles. These steps are required to improve the results of article marketing. These steps will be beneficial to every marketer whose dream is Simple Sites Big Profits.

What is a Resource box? The most important part of an article is its resource box. A resource box is there at the end. An article is not complete without this box and most of the article submission sites such Ezine, Ideamarketers, Articlesbase and Selfgrowth etc do not accept articles without a proper resource box with valid links. The meaning of this box is to give advices to the readers and provide those links where the readers can get useful content.

How the writers use this resource box? The writers use this resource box by providing advices to the readers and support their advices with valid links. The writers should provide only those links in the resource box that are valid and talk about the same subject as discussed in the article. The invalid and irrelevant links are not accepted by the high page rank article sites. The writers should also provide only those links where they want their readers to reach.

Conduct surveys to select the topic. Selection of topic is an important part of doing article marketing for the sites. Do not make guesses to select the topic but select the topic only after knowing the needs of the targeted visitors. This could be done by conducting the surveys. The writers could collect the opinion of the targeted audience by running polls. The writers should also visit those sections of reputed forums where their targeted audience records the complaints and problems. The writers could then make a database of the complaints, problems and opinions of the targeted users. Now it will be easier to select a topic from the database that best matches with the theme and product offered on the website of the writer or marketer.

Research the topics well. The writers should write unique content if they want their content to result in sales. Unique content could be written after in-depth research on the topic. A good research brings the latest updates on the topic to the writers and this is needed to write a unique article. If the writers wish to post their articles to article sites such as Ezine then they should also collect the information from similar sites. A well researched topic will result in a quality and unique article. Following these steps as suggested will help the writers or marketers to get favorable response from the targeted audience.


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